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The Area’s Auto Repair Experts - (Munford, TN)

Coleman Taylor Transmissions is a top quality transmission service and repair facility in Munford / Millington, TN. We are a family operated transmission repair shop known for going above and beyond for all of our customers. In 1961, Larry Coleman and his brother in-law Bill Taylor opened a transmission shop and started over a 55 year history of growth and development. Every manager who operates a store progresses through the ranks from the bottom up, so that everyone is a fully trained ASE certified technician. When an employee attains the expertise, we start looking for a location for him to manage. We expand to create opportunities for our employees.

As a valued Coleman Taylor Transmissions Manager, David Bruner has been with the Coleman Taylor family since January 1981. David started in Repair and Rebuild, then worked his way up to a Transmission Builder. In 1984, David became Manager of our Getwell Road location in Memphis. In 1988, 14 years later, he became Manager of our Stage Road location and stayed there until 2009. In 2009 we opened our Munford Tennessee location and David was named the first Manager of this store. In 1995 David won ‘Manager of The Year’, has won numerous record setter and other awards, and he’s won our Humanitarian Award.


Bring our drivetrain specialists any transmission repair and we’ll give you back a fully operational vehicle. This type of automotive confidence and promise comes with a century’s worth of combined expertise. Our customers in Munford, Millington, Atoka, Brighton and neighboring towns know not to trust anyone but us with their transmission repairs, and we want you to know the same thing. Not everyone has the ability to provide quality transmission repair services on the same expert level and professionalism. For the best in transmission repair for your vehicle, come to Coleman Taylor Transmissions today!

The growth of the company remains steady. One of the reasons for the sustained growth and expansion very well may be the company motto, which was instituted from the very beginning…

“Whatever it takes for customer satisfaction.
Always give more than you promise.
If you do that, they have nothing to ask for.
Customer relations is one of our very strong points.
You can easily lose a customer and friends over warranty.
Don’t find a reason to get out of it.
Good competition is healthy, it makes you better and the customer benefits.
It is also important to be friendly and get along with competitors.”

Our team members are seasoned driveline specialists. Coleman Taylor handles clutch repair, torque converter, check engine light service, transmission flush, automatic transmission repair, manual transmission repair, CVT repair, transfer cases, rear and front differentials, front wheel drive, 4-wheel drive, flywheels, driveshafts, constant or universal velocity joints, etc. Come see us at 96 Quinton Drive in Munford!