Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to repair or inspect my transmission?

While pricing can’t be provided without inspecting your vehicle, Coleman Taylor’s transmission inspection is FREE! Our ASE Certified Technicians will thoroughly inspect your transmission and will only recommend the repairs your vehicle needs. Then you will get up-front cost of the work to be performed. We will not take your transmission apart before any work is performed.

Does my transmission need to be serviced to extend the life?

Yes, Coleman Taylor’s transmission flush and fluid change will help prolong the life of your transmission with a computerized flush machine allowing the transmission system to be nearly 100% clean before we change the fluid. Coleman Taylor’s premium transmission flush maintenance service is designed to help your transmission shift better and last longer. Typical transmission service is recommended every 30,000 miles for normal driving, and 15,000 miles for heavy-duty use.

How long does it take to repair / service my transmission?

Coleman Taylor Transmissions preventative maintenance services and minor transmission repairs are same-day services. Coleman Taylor’s major transmission rebuilds typically take a bit longer in our transmission shop here in Munford / Millington, or at any of our other Memphis area locations. Call us at 1-901-837-7735 or stop by our transmission repair shop located at 96 Quinton Drive in Munford, TN.

Do extreme heat conditions affect my transmission?

Yes, extreme heat in your vehicle’s transmission system allows the ATF (automatic transmission fluid) to oxidize and lose its key components. Proper ATF flow and viscosity is crucial in the performance of your transmission. Changing your transmission fluid at Coleman Taylor can prevent future transmission problems.

I see oil in my driveway. Can Coleman Taylor repair transmission leaks?

Yes, bring your vehicle into Coleman Taylor for a FREE transmission inspection and we can diagnose the cause of the leak. We will only recommend the repair your vehicle needs.

My transmission is not shifting properly, is this a problem?

In most cases, yes. This may indicate a serious problem. It is important that you bring your vehicle in to get looked at to prevent further damage from occurring.

My vehicle will not move, can Coleman Taylor tow my car?

Yes, Coleman Taylor offers FREE Towing Services with qualified repairs.

Does Coleman Taylor work on foreign cars?

Yes, Coleman Taylor Transmissions works on foreign vehicles, including Audi, Acura, BMW, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jaguar, Kia, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagon and more.

Our team members are all trained and qualified driveline specialists. Coleman Taylor handles clutch repair, torque converter, check engine light service, transmission flush, automatic transmission repair, manual transmission repair, CVT repair, transfer cases, rear and front differentials, front wheel drive, 4-wheel drive, flywheels, driveshafts, constant or universal velocity joints, etc. Come see us!